My story so far

From a young child, I’ve always been a lover of music, dance and singing. So choosing to specialise in Vinyasa flow was a win win situation for me. It started many years ago from a workshop led by Mercedes Sieff, at London’s Om Yoga Show where I was inspired with creative flow and whacky balance inversions during her yoga practise. Six years later, I decided to explore the opportunity to teach everything I’ve learnt through my journey with mindfulness and mental health and deepen my understanding of yoga by completing Mercedes’ 200hr Absolutely Positively, Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teaching Training incorporated with positive psychology. Since graduating, I’ve now developed a growing passion for OM chanting following a recent practice with Durga Devi.


Your journey starts on the mat

Everybody starts from somewhere. At the beginning, my hands could barely reach past my knees - no joke! When anybody says to me; “I can’t do yoga, I’m not that flexible”, I respond with a quote from Max Strom, “If yoga was about flexibility, then every gymnast could do yoga. So what do you think the difference is?”
Yoga exercises your body and mind through moving meditation. As our lives get busier and complicated, looking after our mental health has never been more important.
Let’s train ourselves to be in the present more.

"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness"

Sakyong Mipham

Practice with me

I was covering a class and as I was eagerly demonstrating a yoga pose and I heard someone say, “this is the girl I was telling you about, the crazy one with whacky poses”!

Before you judge and think my classes are going to be too hard, stop! I tailor challenges to every single person based on their own abilities so it will never be “too hard” in my class.

Join me on the mat and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed or short of a challenge. I might get my left and rights wrong sometimes but that’s all part of the fun as you join me to explore and expand your body and mind abilities, improving your mental and physical wellbeing at the same time. Really hope to see you soon! Namaste x

"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."


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