I remember my first teacher said to me in my second ever yoga class – ‘Yoga is a way of life.’ I remember staring at her blankly not knowing what she meant. However, I kept on with yoga because I wanted to increase my flexibility and balance. That was my only agenda.


Within two years of practicing, I noticed a positive improvement to my mental health and my body and I started to slowly understand what my teacher was trying to say to me. I then attended a workshop led by Mercedes Sieff, at London’s Om Yoga Show where I was inspired and addicted with her creative flow and whacky balance inversions during her yoga practise. It was with Mercedes, I decided to do my teacher training with her 6 years later.

Naturally, I am a person who gets bored of routine, so learning the art of creative sequencing in Vinyasa was an easy choice for me. It wasn’t just about the poses and creative sequencing; it was also about what you learn along the way. Learning to breathe in difficult positions, lowering the ego, the body – this is what I’ve learnt and will strive to always keep learning new exciting ventures through my own personal yoga practice so I continue to pass this onto my yogalee students and inspire self-growth.


My Story...

“What is Vinyasa Flow?”

Ever wondered why there are different types of yoga? There are plenty of styles to suit different types of bodies, abilities and level.

 Vinyasa basically means ‘to place breath’. If you like to feel energised, toned and relaxed by the end of the class, then Vinyasa is for you.

Influenced by my love of dance and music, I offer a unique sense of empowerment to each of my classes. Through intentions, mediation, breathing techniques and postures, my goal is to have my students leave each class feeling refreshed and relaxed.

My Classes

Although my classes are challenging, they are delivered with uplifting music, fun and playful explorations through my creative sequencing.

I aim to live a yogic lifestyle and lead my classes in a way that reflects that choice.

I teach in a way that provokes self-reflection through a growth mindset, encouraging each student to listen to their body (learning to lower their ego) and offer the best variation to compliment them.