This morning’s flow focuses was on legs and hamstrings.

Don’t be put off with the word ‘handstand’ in the title.


A lot of people thing that handstands we just work on kicking up and hoping to find the balance, hover, and hey presto I did a handstand!


I’m an advocate on building the foundation. Therefore, this flow is about building up the flexibility on our legs and hamstrings. I mean, let’s face it, how often do we stretch our hamstrings? Once we master and practise flexibility in our legs, they will help us get into the more funky poses of yoga.


PLUS – also, the prep for handstands are also in the downward dogs too. That stretch element in our backs. We hunch too much nowadays with devices that encourage ill postures. That’s why downward dogs are amazing for our backs and they also help re-align our spine to correct those hunches, also, mini preparing you for the perfect handstand.


Remember, all of these are practices. Not just one class and then that’s it. It’s all a learning curve.




Suitability: Semi beginners – advanced.
Best to practise this in the morning or daytime.

Wake up: Legs, Hamstrings, prep for handstands