Sometimes we just need to go back to basics.

On this flow, I strip it back to basic sun salutations to get the body moving and to melt away the fuzz (see my blog: ‘I don’t see what the ‘fuzz’ is about).


Especially, in the morning, we are stiff, we want to stretch. But also, more importantly, how is our mental health doing?


As part of my morning routine, I love and thrive to start my day with gratitude intentions. It resets our mind, soul and in this flow, we reunite all three aspects of ourselves into this one hour.


Join this basic, yet also challenging active vinyasa flow as we strip it back to the originality and simplicity with a twist of my creativity & gratitude intentions.



Suitable for beginners – advanced
Best to practise this in the morning or daytime.

Wind down: Steady flow