Homer Simpson - the new mindful solution?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

What words would you use to describe Homer Simpson?

Slow, simple minded, silly, child-like?

If you’ve answered similar to how I would have described him, then it’s likely somebody would get offended when you compare somebody to Homer.

So no wonder when I compared my boyfriend to Homer Simpson, he responded sarcastically: ‘Oh Thanks Vanessa!’

Allow me to explain:

In the months we’ve been together, I’ve noticed how much I dwell on things. Things that have happened in the past like an argument or a debate, or I worry about things that haven’t even arrived yet! (man do I do that a lot), yes, I can be a huge worrier.

This is how it a typical ‘worry story’ in my mind will go:

Step 1: I worry and share it.

Step 2: I talk about it to somebody else. (Maybe 2 or 3).

Step 3: After a few hours, I’m still talking or thinking about it.

Step 4: The next day – I explore and analyse it even more.

Step 5: I bring it up again.

You get the picture…

For my boyfriend – this is how a typical worry situation will go down: (hypothetically)

Step 1: He worries and shares it.

Step 2: He then thinks about what to have for lunch.

Doesn’t the latter sound so much more simple?

Can we live a more simpler life by just focusing purely on the present and deal with uncomfortable situations only when they arise in front of us there and then.

I shared this comparison with my therapist and he mentioned the Spiritual teacher and author, Ekhart Tolle’s book – “The Power of Now” basically sums up the Homer Simpson approach. His whole book is about focusing on the present moment and he has no space in his life to think or consider what happened in the past. It’s what happens in the now is the most important. - It’s an incredible book – definitely worth a read if you haven’t yet.

Here’s another example of the Homer Simpson approach:

Children. In the presence of children, whether you have kids or not, have you ever sat and observed them? They are prime examples of LIVING IN THE MOMENT.

They are fascinated by things, toys, people around them. Their mind focuses on one activity at a time – one toy at a time, one parent at a time. Ever noticed the ‘zombie kid look’ when they watch TV? You know that look I’m talking about don’t you?! If not, notice the next kid watching a parent’s phone or IPAD in a public restaurant or coffee shop. Their eyes are wide and fixated on the screen, it’s actually quite entertaining. Nothing will disturb them. Wave your hand up and down in front of their eyes and they don’t even blink! Lol

This might be just be but I know that when I watch TV, my phone is a HUGE distraction to me. I drift, I reply to messages, I go on social media, and then I end up having to rewind what I missed! oops.

As a yoga practitioner, I’m not afraid to admit that my boyfriend who doesn’t actively practice a Vinyasa flow focuses on the present moment much better than I do. What’s ironic is that he is already practising a tiny element of yoga through the adoption of the Homer Simpson attitude.

Naturally, I am an over-thinker. I think, I analyse, I’m curious. However, I like to think I use it to my advantage and apply it to difficult situations. That’s why I do vinyasa. The fast paced flow allows my mind, body and breathe to slow down and work in sync together.

It’s not about changing but finding what works for you and your own character.

If everybody adopted the Homer Simpson mindset – then surely we are all practising the little gems of a true yogic lifestyle and practice the art of being in the present.

Slow, simple minded, silly, child-like – Let’s all be a Homer.

Namaste x

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